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From the Margins – Mar 19, 2017

Tonight on the show: gentrification and urban housing struggles
7:00 pm on chsr 97.9 in Fredericton:

The guest on the show is Concordia University professor Ted Rutland, who spent the day before the show at a conference on gentrification. We ask him to talk about what is gentrification and its effects; about “affordable housing” vs social housing; and bringing about better conditions directly and better government laws and policy on housing. We draw on Fredericton’s municipal plan on housing and the recent announcement in Fredericton that relatively affordable rental housing on Connaught Street will be replaced by units that will be about $1,000 per month more expensive.

Ted has a PhD in geography from the University of British Columbia, and previous degrees from Dalhousie University and Mount Allison University. His research is concerned primarily with the racial politics of urban planning and policing in Canadian cities. This work began as a doctoral thesis focused on the history of urban planning and racism in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

From the Margins – Mar 12, 2017
Tonight on the show – 7:00pm on chsr 97.9 fm – sanctuary city
Sanctuary City / Solidarity City / Access without fear. We’ve been hearing a lot about these ideas lately, largely in response to the vice grip being tightened around immigrants, undocumented and Muslim people in the US by the Trump Admin. In Canada a number of cities had already declared the status (Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver), but due to a greater sense of urgency, there has been a stronger push from people in a number of other cities and towns to do something to demonstrate that their cities can be a safe place for undocumented people. Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Fredericton are all at various stages. Montreal made a declaration of “sanctuary city”, but has been denounced by community organizers in the city as NOT a sanctuary City.
Tonight on the show: From the Margins host Asaf Rashid, also a member of No One is Illegal Fredericton (NOII Fredericton) and fellow NOII Fredericton member Nigam Khanal will discuss Sanctuary City / Solidarity City / Access without fear; efforts underway in Fredericton; the precariousness of immigration status; and challenges with turning the idea of safety for undocumented people into a reality.