From the Margins is is a monthly podcast hosted by Toronto lawyer and long time community organizer and activist Asaf Rashid. The show focuses on social justice-related legal topics, trying to apply a systemic analysis. Topics will include:

  • workers rights
  • migration
  • protest law
  • abuses by police and other government officers
  • human rights and equality issues
  • poverty
  • racism
  • Indigenous rights

From the Margins has a history of covering social justice topics on community radio stations: chsr 97.9 in Fredericton and ckdu 88.1 in Halifax. Read about the history below.

Older episodes are still available here , while more current episodes are available on this site as well as on radio4all here.


H : I : S : T : O : R : Y
From the Margins originally started out as a radio show in the deep woods of Fredericton on the airwaves of CHSR 97.9 FM, the campus – community station amongst thickets of trees. Its original concept was as an anti-poverty show that largely publicized and discussed the activities and ideas of the Advocacy Collective, an anti-poverty collective in Fredericton at the time. Eventually, the show’s issues became more generalized, discussing the struggles that working class people faced in a system where they take a block from the bottom and put it on top. From the Margins weaved in and out of production in Fredericton, with the odd co-hosts here and there. Then, yours truly moved to Halifax and decided to re-start the show on CKDU 88.1 FM. And there it stayed for a few years…

But then we (me) started to realize how much we loved those old woods. And we were also unemployed and SOOL in Halifax. We sadly left CKDU, but were happy that it was safe and in capable hands. We trotted to Fredericton for another chapter of our existence. Trudging through the woods we found CHSR’s warm hearth and an abundance of good things. Now, From the Margins is ready to embark on more of its critical news coverage, analysis and occasional creative approaches to addressing subjects. We remain venomous towards those who fat cats who step on our backs. Well, we’ll try our best, “from each according to our ability … ” and all that jazz.