Poetry from behind prison walls – interview with Dr. Elizabeth Effinger

A conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Effinger about her poetry work with women prisoners. We talk about how the work got started, its importance, the parallels between 19th Century Romantic poetry and prison, and more.

Bio (from UNB website):

Elizabeth Effinger is interested in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, especially Romantic poetry; the interconnections between literature, philosophy, and science; literary theory and human-animal studies; the Gothic (in all ages); and the Anthropocene.

Her research published or in progress covers a range of issues: the queer bodies of Romanticism, in both material and disciplinary senses; the relation between late eighteenth-century German philosophy – specifically theories of aesthetics, evolution, and human and nonhuman nature – and British Romantic Literature; discourses of improvement and theories of Bildung; and the relation between psychoanalysis and nineteenth-century literature.