Sanctuary City and the challenges of immigration status

Sanctuary City / Solidarity City / Access without fear. We’ve been hearing a lot about these ideas lately, largely in response to the vice grip being tightened around immigrants, undocumented and Muslim people in the US by the Trump Admin.  In Canada a number of cities had already declared the status (Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver), but due to a greater sense of urgency, there has been a stronger push from people in a number of other cities and towns to do something to demonstrate that their cities can be a safe place for undocumented people. Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Fredericton are all at various stages. Montreal made a declaration of “sanctuary city”, but has been denounced by community organizers in the city as NOT a sanctuary City.

On this episode of From the Margins, host Asaf Rashid, also a member of No One is Illegal Fredericton (NOII Fredericton), and fellow NOII Fredericton member Nigam Khanal will discuss Sanctuary City and its importance, efforts by NOII Fredericton to make Fredericton a safer place for undocumented people, some challenges to implementing sanctuary city, and challenges with immigration status.